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Welcome to our group practice

Life holds many challenges. In our psychiatric-psychotherapeutic group practice we offer a wide range of treatment for many situations and questions in life. Our different backgrounds, specialisations and training complement each other to provide optimal support. After clarification and consultation, we offer psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children in individual settings, but also consultations for couples and families as well as group settings. If necessary, we supplement the psychotherapy with psychiatric consultations.

In psychotherapy, the current psychological and social problems are in the foreground. These are often based on behaviour patterns and conflicts that have their origin in past and present experiences. Therefore, dealing with past and present difficulties are essential elements of the therapeutic process.

The goal of psychotherapy is not only to reduce symptoms and complaints, but also to train and promote skills that enable better self-regulation.

Depending on the situation, the costs of treatment are covered by your basic health insurance, supplementary insurance, accident insurance or IV, or by you privately.

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