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Transformation Processes

Overcoming mourning, separations and divorces and learning to say goodbye

e. g. the seven stages include shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, and acceptance

Seeing through depression, hopelessness and mood swings

e.g. lack of energy, despondency, low self-esteem, sleep disorders

Burnout, new solutions at work

e.g. conflicts and performance failure

Witnessing traumas

e.g. wounds due to accidents and dramatic events, injuries due to difficult childhood constellations

Breaking constraints from patterns

e.g. thought circles, eating compulsions, addictive behavior

Processing panic and fear

e.g. social anxiety, separation anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders

Children and Adolescents

Surpassing development crises

e.g. ADHS, specific talents, fear of school, bullying, mobbing, absenteeism, illnesses, separations, social anxiety