Group Psychotherapy

Through the joint work of several people in a therapeutically guided group, the group dynamic phenomena such as transference and counter-transference are used for therapy and further development.

It is a challenge for the participants to open up in the group and to put their issues up for discussion. The reward of the work is regularly the reduction of fears, the development of openness and the developmental progress through the adoption of additional enriching perspectives.

Me, you, us?

Result of interpersonal exchange processes

Thus, mental disorders of the individual can only be understood in the context of his or her social development and environment. Thus healing processes can only unfold if these social conditions are integrated. This can be done most effectively in a psychotherapeutic group.

(H.H. Foulkes)

We are social beings...

... and yet unique!

Hardenings are broken open...

... and a new garden of possibilities grows.

Ongoing Groups

Group Analytical Self-Experience 

Slow-open group in English

Tuesdays 17.45


Slow-open analytische Gruppe in Deutsch

Mittwochs 17.45

Gruppenpsychotherapie: Junge Erwachsene

Angebot für Menschen ab 18j in Deutsch 

Donnerstags 17.00