Mindfulness Therapy

Meditation ...

... helps to control thoughts

... reduces perceived stress

... promotes a feeling of calm, peace and balance

... helps with depression, anxiety, anger and confusion

... assists in dealing with pain and strengthens the body's immune system

... improves blood circulation, lowers the pulse rate and high blood pressure

... increases mental and physical energy

By means of the therapeutically accompanied mindfulness meditation, obsessive thoughts, painful emotions, tormenting memories as well as worries about the future are first perceived in a concentrated way by sitting in silence (meditation) and then worked through therapeutically in the group.

Thoughts like clouds?

He who lets go becomes serene!

Come to rest in silence and in the here and now.

Reflect impermanence, gain closeness and distance...

growing rooted to the sky

surf on the surface 

insight into the depth.

Mindfulness therapy in the group

Mindfulness Meditation

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